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They are cute. Too bad i don't carry a handbag. Or maybe not too bad, as I also can't see spending hundreds of dollars on one (but is that because I don't use them anyway?). In any case, that site is great and does a fantastic job of marketing the product.


ooooh, design your own bag - I could get into there too! what a great idea. I'm a "sale" shopper - if I find a great bag/purse/wallet and it's on sale, IT'S MINE!!! I have too many...


I can see why you like these, wonderful design and great colors! Which did you choose???


What a great site, I just spent ages there too. Thanks for the link.


An inspiration for making my own with my own materials! Thanks.


Wow, it sure could get addictive, playing on that site! I sure couldn't afford any of those bags, though!

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