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things about me
. my name is susan
. my middle name is a secret
. no it's not, it's rita
. rita was my grandmothers middle name so that makes it (a little) more palatable
. i've lived in sweden for 15 years
. sweden is a nice place to live
. i've lived in lots of other places too
. like philadelphia and los angeles and washington dc
. i have an irrational and profound fear of mayonnaise
. eggs are also very scary
. ...unless cleverly concealed in a cake!
. my boyfriend has been my boyfriend for 22 years
. we met in kindergarten
. no we didn't. it was college.
. i am getting old
. i have a kitty called smilla
. i have 3 godchildren to whom i am a useless godmother
. i have one godchild to whom i rock as a godmother
. i have no children
. i would like to have children
. i suffer from completion anxiety and have more unfinished projects than i will ever cop to
. i am more influenced by other people than i would like to be
. after leaving a lucrative and fun career in finace (yes, really!), i was unemployed for 2 years and liked it more than i probably should have
. except for the poverty
. i recently started my own company as a public speaking consultant and sales trainer
. i snore.