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Judy H in NC

Love the boxes. I get inspired to do the little "fiddly" things day I call it.


I love them! Fiddley can be fun, I think :o)


I love them!
Care to share what kind of paper and such?


Oooo. I love them! They are so sweet!


thanks girls!
hmm. the paper is hard to say, i'm afraid. the cherry blossom light blue/pink is an origami paper i got at a little store in stockholm and doesn't have a source on it. the pink-on-pink patterned paper on 3 of the boxes (and the striped paper you can barely see on one of the drawers) is from a book of papers called the paper stack - floral prints. the silver-on-pink embossed paper is a mystery - it appeard in my paper pile but i don't remember where it came from. sorry!

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