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Susan, they're adorable. You talented chick, you!


They are so sweet, I love gigi's stripey legs, and topsy's uninhibitedness! :D


They are so lovely, there is something about them that is very appealing !


I really like those softies :-)


Just checking in on you. I can just see you zooming around in that cute little car. ;)



They are great, I love that gigi has a cool dress but no eyes or hair! Hope to hear the childs reaction to her, if you give her away.


Jenny Vorwaller

oh i love the name gigi! and the transfer-no-face idea is so interesting, i believe that one one hundred percent. they both look so ready for cuddles!!



found you through molly chicken.

many older dolls, especially cloth ones, don't have faces because they were made by people in religions (such as the amish) that hold against graven images. just like a photo or a portrait, a doll with a face is a graven image.

so there you go! :)



My 7 year old son was passing by the computer while I was admiring your Softies ans said: "Oh! C'est mignon! Pourquoi cela n'existe pas en garcons?". At first he thought they needed eyes, and then decided they were cute as is, but that you needed a boy doll in there :o)

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