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I'll have to record it on tivo so I don't miss it. How fun! :)
My sister and her neighbors signed up for the show too, but they were never called.

I mailed off your paper yesterday, oh ~ I hope it's not too long before you get to see it. :)


I can't believe what they did to your sister's was horrifying! All that chrome metal against the old woodwork, was so weird and out of place. I think she held her composure really well, despite her complete distaste. They kept showing Genevieve,rolling her eyes, and making snide comments...those designers have such huge egos. ...tell your sister I think she and Marlo came off darling anyway, & I'm in love with her beautiful historic house!


oh no, they put chrome with old woodwork? sigh. i'd be interested to see the pictures when they get posted on the trading spaces website.


Hi Susan , thankyou so much for your lovely comments !
If you want to do an ISBN search, just put the number ( sometimes there will be a letter or two too ) into the search. For example, the book I bought would be 457911017x. The site has to be in English, both yesasia and Amazon jp are easy to order from, yesasia is easier and offers free posting over a certain amount.
Also if there is an English word or phrase on the cover of the book you want, you can put that into the yesasia search.
I hope that helps, Hilary at weewonderfuls is the most knowledgable if you want to find out more.
I love,love,love your work and have put you in my favourites immediately - it's no wonder I never get to do the ironing, there's too many things to see in blogworld


Awww, MAN! I'm going to have to check out the website and see when the repeat is. What did she think of the experience???

And how are YOU? Great, I hope! xxoo

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