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i have been there. so many times. in fact, i am there a bit today. that feeling of deadness, or emptiness, where nothing really seems interesting. hard to 'snap' out of (and snap is completely the wrong word, if you know what i mean). a walk? a run? an inspiring movie (tuvalu, the castle, the dish)? yoga? they all sound like great ideas that i can't imagine lifting a finger to do when i am that empty. i'll lift a finger if you will, though. how about 3 repetitions of the sun salutations?

sorry, i have never posted, and you don't know me. but i just feel where you are and know what it is like and wish i could help...


Hey, you don't need to feel that "this is all I will ever be" - you are such a nice and lovly person that even if you would never evolve one inch more you would still be GREAT! And you will get going, find the force - when time is right.

*big hugs and e-mail on the way*


Sounds like it's time to hop into that cute little car of yours and drive, windows down and radio on. Air blowing in your hair, singing to the music without reserve. Sometimes we all just need to experience some downtime, sweetie. Something about that creative well--it truly has no bottom. I have the toughest time when there is pressure on me to Be Creative. It's like being funny - it can be so easy, until people *expect* it. Be gentle with yourself, dear Susan, and know that you have no obligations here---just friendship that is offered freely. xxooxxoo


Everyone has offered great advice and uplifting thoughts. I would like to add one other tidbit. The nature of life is to change and not be static. Your mood will lift and your creative juices will flow again. But often this happens gradually. In a few weeks from now you will look back on this post and realized how much your mood has changed. In the mean time be gentle with yourself. Take care!

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