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WOW! Prefab, eh? That's quite an improvement from the ranch-style prefab my folks bought in 1974! It's amazing...

When I was married we lived in a house built in 1916, with beautiful moldings and details that had been milled on the property. It was my mini Martha Stewart/Tasha Tudor house, you know? Now I'm in a place that's only 15 years old, and it just doesn't have the character.

I have a feeling that wherever you live, you make it warm, inviting and special.


Wow! Do you know which construction company it is?


Duh! Click on the link, stupid. We had 33 degrees here today, which might be a good explanation to why my brain melted...


Wow, it's my style too! Should we get one for you and one for me then - they are so pretty?! Now all we need is find the money and the perfect serene lake with lots of mountains and woodland around to put it by... Piece of cake! :-)


I want one in London.

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